Robotics Workshops!

Educational Programmes for acquisition of 21st century skills.
Ages 4 - 6 years

Specialized workshops on mechanical engineering and introduction to programming for kindergarten students! Children are taught engineering principles and wiring principles while practicing problem solving and experiential learning.

Ages 6 - 16 years old

Ιn each workshop, children are inspired by a theme and start building their robot using LEGO® Education equipment. They work in groups of two or three. Once the construction is complete, the children move on to programming their robot using LEGO® Education software. In this way, they practise basic programming principles from an early age. Each workshop is completed with a STEM activity, so through using simple materials from everyday life, children learn something new from science, engineering, mathematics, physics.


Each cycle consists of 24 workshops of 2 teaching hours each, once a week.



Certified Trainers

All educational content is designed and created by qualified teaching staff to meet the needs of each class and keep children interested. Eduact’s team is made up of educators, computer scientists and engineers with years of experience in educational robotics. All of our instructors are trained and certified by the LEGO® Education Academy. Young instructors familiar with technology and with the ability to approach knowledge through informal education!

Lego Certified Equipment

Robotics workshops are conducted using LEGO Education's educational equipment, which consists of state-of-the-art technological tools with unlimited possibilities. The equipment is constantly renewed, updated with all new packages offered and designed for all ages. Programming is carried out with the Software available from LEGO Education, a unique coding environment that makes learning programming more fun than ever.

At Eduact we pay particular attention to the precautions that must be taken in an environment where children, of young age, spend time, through protocols that must be implemented to ensure the safety of all. Thus, we comply with all the necessary protective measures against COVID- 19. Read more here!


The initiative aims to highlight the importance of safety measures and hygiene regulations that must be respected by staff, children participating in the programmes and visitors of Eduact during the current period.

Particular emphasis is placed on the precautions to be taken in an environment where children, of young age, spend time, through protocols to be implemented to ensure the safety of all.

For the first time, Remote Robotics WORKSHOPS* and coding for children from all over Greece! Cycles of engineering workshops and STEAM activities, with purchase or loan of educational equipment. Now everyone has the opportunity to gain 21st century skills, wherever they may be!

Register Participation

Registration instructions for the Robotics Workshops*

To register for Eduact's Robotics Workshops* you need to follow the steps below:

- Fill out the membership application found below. Within the same day you will receive an email with your child's unique membership code.

- Fill out the appropriate form with the Workshops* location that best suits you.

- In the field that asks for your membership code, enter the code that was sent to you.

- After you click submit on the form, your Workshops* registration is complete.