Free online workshop for women creators from Sparta.

The free workshop is aimed at creators, craftsmen, artists, small producers, designers, graphic designers, and those who want to learn the right way to promote and sell their creations and products in the global market.

​The aim of the workshop is to get your own successful store at ETSY and sell your creations all over the world!

​Το ETSYis the largest online marketplace in the world for craftsmen, artists, and creators. It's a very good entry into the world of online entrepreneurship. It is economical, has no risk, and offers a huge global exposure to your products.

The workshop will help you get a clear picture of everything that needs to be done, in what way, and in what order.

​How to set up a profitable creative business on Etsy.com and beyond:​

  • -The Creative Revolution, and why-as creators-you have to participate
  • - Examples & case studies of successful small creative businesses at Etsy.com
  • - The 4 + 1 basic conditions for success for creators: the Creative Bizlab method
  • - The step-by-step path to the implementation of a successful creative business

We will present many real examples of success from fields such as: jewelry, clothing, furniture, home items, works of art, digital wall art, photos, tutorials, etc.


Personalization and preparation​

  • - Personalized consulting in your project *
  • - Examples of Etsy shops with corresponding products as yours
  • - Which products to choose for a start
  • - Proposals for a personal implementation plan for the coming months
  • - Access to the training of the Creative Biz Etsy Masterclass laboratory

* With your registration in the workshop we will contact you to learn more about your project!

Laboratory presenters
Ζαχαρίας Πολυμενάκος, Creative Bizlab

​Κριστέλ Πέντ, Creative Bizlab