Pathway from Greek Public Lyceum to US Higher Ed----


There are many Greek students who haven't had the opportunity to explore the many options available for university studies in the USA - nor do they understand how to access need-based financial assistance.

There are over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States, ranging from two year community colleges to private Ivy League research universities like MIT and YALE. Combined, they are often referred to as the “American Higher Education System”. In 2022 a total of 701,945 international students entered the US for Higher Ed studies. Almost 4000 were from Greece.

Greek universities are excellent but there are many Greek students who are interested in exploring alternative options and don't know where to start. The goal of our program is to support students who have the drive, interest, and qualifications to attend a US university but need guidance regarding the application and financial assistance process.

US-CAP introduces selected students to the US Higher Ed system, its goals, and how it differs from European university systems. Open events will be hosted at the American Space in Thessaloniki to provide data and resources to Greek families and educators.

For interested students, we deliver a series of workshops focusing on: preparing them to meet the criteria to enter a US university, identifying their goals and best presenting their profiles. Workshops include meetings with US college admissions experts (online & in person), through interviews, meetings, and college fairs.

For selected applicants, we provide one-on-one preparation sessions in the final application stage. We also work with public school lyceum teachers and staff who must be involved in the verification of each student’s academic record. Our goal is to build teams working together all over Greece.

The US-CAP College Counselor Team designs and provides each stage of this guidance, working with a network of volunteers in both Greece and USA. The Directors Ariane Cotsis and Eva Varellas Kanellis together represent more than 40 years of US college counseling experience in Greece.

All services are free for participants.

US-CAP PARTNERS WITH EDUACT a long-established nonprofit organization in Greece.

Eduact hosts the American Space in Thessaloniki (one of the many American Space sites in 140 countries). American Space sites are cultural and information centers worldwide funded by the U.S. State Department under the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. (more)

The Greek Directorate of Secondary Education of Thessaloniki has worked with Eduact since its foundation to support underprivileged young adults in finding their academic and career paths. The Directory helps us reach public school students through their school directors and teachers.


All selected participants receive full Scholarships to the program, based on merit and need.


Eduact Hub, 136 Tsimiski str.
The open events take place at the American Space in Thessaloniki, hosted by Eduact.

Participation Timeline

The program targets students attending 2nd Lyceum (11th grade) in a Greek public school (the major preparation begins in Spring of 2nd Lyceum school year and applications will be completed in October-November of 3rd Lyceum school year).

The number of students selected for each stage of the program is based on the organization’s funding ability to meet their needs.

(deadline of applications, December 30th)

Requirements for selection to the program are:

a) excellence in reading, writing, speaking English (determined by Duolingo Online Test)

b) strong grades from 3rd Gymnasium to the present

c) financial status qualifying for US need based aid

Date: 10.12.2023
Hour: 18.00
Location: American Space, Eduact Hub, Τsimiski 136

(there is a limit of 60 participants due to space)


We rely on donations to make this program possible. Please help us make innovative learning opportunities available to every Greek student. Become a donor by completing this form:

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Donors’ names and all personal information is confidential. We will not sell, share, or trade donors' names or personal information with any other entity. At the end of the fiscal year, we send all donors an update sharing our progress in recruiting and working with students, as well as student successes made possible through their donations.


For further information you can contact us through email at or call us at +30 2311 286 369.