What a ride it has been. The training of 10 of our volunteers and employees for 10 days, in the "City of Ulysses", under the auspices of Erasmus+ was completed with the maximum possible benefits. 

The aim was to strengthen, upgrade and specialize the digital skills of the staff in the management of digital teaching content, in order to promote the modernization and qualitative revision of the educational programmes of the organization. Moreover, the cultivation of high-performance and high-quality learning ecosystems that meet the multidimensional requirements of the modern digital reality is a key objective of the new Erasmus+ programme framework and a central challenge for the Agency. 

However, this week offered our team much more than high-level technical knowledge. And even in a skill area whose value has been increasingly recognised worldwide in recent years, and summarised by the term soft skills. Coexistence, cooperation and coordination within a team (team- building), the highly underestimated skill of "being a good listener", providing effective feedback, but also contact with different cultures, habits and worldviews (open mind) are some examples.

From the demanding video editing seminars to the traditional Portuguese soups, from the CINEL Training Center to the incomparably liberating Cape Cabo da Roca, from the early morning wake-ups to catch the "barco" to the walks through the cobbled streets of the Portuguese capital, "Project Lisbon" offered the Eduact team things that are hard to summarize in one or two posts, and which we look forward to sharing with you in our upcoming activities. Stay tuned. 

Finally, we thank the European Commission in charge of the Erasmus+ programmes and the State Scholarships Foundation, thanks to which such actions are made possible. 


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