First workshop in Xanthi, Sunday 06/10/2019 at the Xanthi TechLab

Second Workshop in Corfu, Thursday 24/10/2019 at the Corfu TechLab


Third workshop in Athens, Saturday 2/11/2019 at the Eugenides Foundation uTechLab


Fourth Workshop in Veria , Saturday 06/11/2019 at the Veria TechLab


Fifth Workshop in Veria , Saturday 16/11/2019 at the Veria TechLab


Sixth Workshop in Xanthi, Saturday 24/11/2019 at the Xanthi TechLab 


Seventh Workshop in Athens, Saturday 7/12/2019 at the Eugenides Foundation uTechLab.


Eigth Workshop in Sparti, Sunday 8/12/2019 at the Sparti TechLab


Above you'll find a few snapshots from the first sets of the workshops, filled with conversations, games and puzzles that the participants were engaged in.
Even in these first groups of the Train your Brain community, different variations reveal themselves in the perceptions and approach with which each member tackles their experience. Therefore, in the course of the three hours we can pay close attention to the progress each individual makes. We are excited about the next steps of the program, and our goal is to provide even more unique experiences to the soon-to-be new members of the Train Your Brain program.

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