The Municipality of Ampelokipi Menemeni, with the support of Eduact, organizes the first Festival of Educational Robotics and student innovation.

The opening ceremony of the Festival of Educational Robotics and Student Innovation of the Municipality of Ampelokipi – Menemeni will be held on Saturday, February 5, at 17.30 through the zoom platform. (Link of the meeting:

The event will be greeted by the Mayor of Ampelokipi – Menemeni, Mr. Lazaros Kyrizoglou, and the President of the Eduact Educational Organization Mr. Konstantinos Vasileiou.

The program is addressed to students of Primary and Secondary Education of all grades of Primary and Secondary School of the Municipality of Ampelokipi-Menemeni. Specifically, the creation of 20 working groups is foreseen, with the participation of 110 students/three Elementary, and 30 students/three High School. These groups will be prepared through 8 robotics meetings/workshops. The subject matter of the demonstration constructions will be free.


The registration process was completed and followed for participation, in order of priority. The preparation and organization of the program will be done by Eduact in spaces provided by our Municipality.


All necessary protection and hygiene measures for the safety of children and teaching staff are observed in all meetings. In case of prohibition of conducting workshops by law or ministerial decision, there is the possibility of converting the program into remote workshops and events through an online platform.


FLL Educational Robotics Program in the Municipality of Ampelokipi-Menemeni


The purpose of the FLL educational robotics program is to introduce students to the world of technology, mathematics, science, and engineering, through a process of fun learning and practical application. Students participating in this program gain a complete learning experience, with educational robotics as a tool for learning and fun at the same time.


According to research, 50% of today’s work processes are technically automated, adopting new technologies. The future world workforce is changing at an accelerating pace and competition is growing, as are the right talents. We are experiencing a fundamental change in the way we work. The roles in each job, the skills that will be required, and even the job titles of tomorrow are not known to us today. Automation and thinking machines are replacing human work and tasks. The FLL program prepares students to acquire skills in these emerging technologies. 6 out of 10 occupations today have more than 30% of their daily processes automated. In fact, the numbers are expected to increase in the coming years.


Through programs such as FLL, participants can develop holistic skills such as: cognitive, physical, creative, and critical thinking, as well as emotional, and of course social skills, which is a very key part of the program.


FLL helps children acquire valuable skills for the future and feel comfortable using technology properly, while also helping them adapt more easily to different environments. Most importantly, children have fun while participating in the experience.


Educational robotics, on the other hand, is an excellent learning tool, which is gaining ground more and more dynamically in recent years. It has been recognized as helping to learn a variety of subjects, even beyond computer science and programming, such as: mathematics, science, and even language and history.


Engaging in construction stimulates students’ interest in the fields of science, technology, and engineering, and makes them active participants in shaping technology in their future (Li et al., 2009; Siciliano & Khatib, 2008). Students involved in educational robotics reap multiple benefits. Educational robotics helps to cultivate social and life skills, through team membership, collaboration, and adherence to values, students become more responsible and boost their self-confidence.


Student participation in programs such as FLL, therefore, has multiple benefits in various areas of children’s lives. The knowledge, skills, and experiences they gain through engaging in their program equips them with the appropriate skills of the 21st century, accompanies them in later life, and also prepares them to become the professionals of the future.

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