The S.W.E.fLL program is designed taking into account good practices and know-how from a number of programs (steam yourself, train your brain, glafx) in which Eduact partnered with Tech Labs, with the support of the US Embassy.


The aim of the program is to leave a meaningful imprint on the local community by both inspiring students to approach science through play and fun and by cultivating a set of skills in adult participants with which they will be able to lead a group of students.

It is a unique opportunity for young people to learn concepts of Physics, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics through the construction and programming of robots.

A total of 20 groups of children, aged 9 to 16, with the help of adult educators - mentors (17+ years old), constructed, planned and researched. As part of the global FIRST® LEGO® League robotics, research and innovation competition, the teams have chosen to solve a real problem related to sports, which is the theme of this year's competition. In addition, build an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 training equipment, which solves missions on a themed track with LEGO construction models.


Young and old, they worked together to develop both useful professional skills and life values ​​that make innovation the best means of acquiring knowledge.
The highlight of the program was the participation of the teams in the Panhellenic Competition of Robotics, Research & Innovation FIRST® LEGO® League Greece, which took place virtually on 29-30 / 5 with the participation of 73 teams from all over Greece, in which the teams shared their awesome ideas.

The program took place at the American Corners in Xanthi, Veria, Sparta and Corfu, with the practical support of the American Embassy in Athens.

The participation of those involved in the program was free.

With the support of the US Embassy