School STEM & Robotics

Mathematics, Physics, History! All of these come alive through STEAM activities and robotic structures and involve your students more actively in the learning process. For the first time, STEAM workshops based on the school books material, allow children to connect the imaginary with the real, the abstract with the specific. You can choose lessons for any month.

Offering lessons:

→ 1st class of primary school:

(Mathematics) Lesson 3 - The numbers from 10 to 20

(Mathematics) Lesson 3 - Regular number – the double

→ 2nd class of primary:

(Study of the environment) My neighborhood – I care about my neighborhood

(Μαθηματικά) (Mathematics) I share friendly with my friends

→ 3rd class of primary school:

(Ιστορία) (History) Mythology – Promytheas, Pandora, Defkalionas and Pirra (Promytheas and fire)

(Mathematics) Lesson 3 – Divisions

→ 4th class of primary school:

(Μαθηματικά) (Mathematics) Problem – Problem management

(Study of the environment) Greece: our country /How a construction work is made

→ 5th class of primary school:

(Physics) Material bodies and structure of matter – Atoms/Elements and compounds

(Physics) Motion and power/Weight – Gravity

→ 6th class of primary school:

(Physics) Energy – Renewable and non-renewable energy sources

(Physics) Energy – Energy saving