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A technology and science program for developing mild skills and life skills for students and teachers by using educational robotics. 

Dear teachers,

STEAM and Robotics can now be integrated into your classroom through an educational program that you can customize to suit your students. You will find it very interesting and creative, both you and children!

Α few words about the program

Your school will be equipped with robotic kits and sets. Children will work in groups to build and program a robot, while developing their creativity by building models to propose solutions to real-world problems.

The design of the program is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Institute of Educational Policy with the Educational Non-Profit Organization - Eduact as well as the Organization for the Recognition of Science and Technology – FIRST

The purpose of the program is to utilize the specialized knowledge of the latter two in the field of robotics, for the benefit of all students and teachers of all specialties and to create a community of support - exchange of know-how and discovery of knowledge.



Distance Teacher Training

Previous experience or special knowledge is not required! Teachers of all specialties can undertake the implementation of the program, after training and gaining the confidence to start.

10 hours of modern training are provided to understand the educational approaches and how to implement the program, as well as 6 hours of easy and fun training on how to use educational robotics equipment. The process is done through an interactive workshop and equipment that will be sent to your school, while you will have time to practice with the equipment before you start the implementation in the classroom.

In addition, you are given:

  •       Asynchronous training material to refer to whenever you wish
  •       Handbooks for teachers
  •       Handbooks for students
  •       Support line for any questions

Participating teachers will be certified.

Equipment Receipt & Procedure

The equipment is intended to be sufficient for all the classes and departments you have chosen to implement the program if used in rotation at different times.
In simple steps:
Schools that have already been selected

  1. Inform us about the number of classes and departments you have chosen to participate and your time planning for the implementation period of "Create and Innovate - Creative Thinking and Initiative (Build new ideas, give new solutions)" (Robotics) in the school year 2020 - 2021 by filling in here:
  1. We will send you (free of charge) the equipment and the instructions for its use to the school.
  2. We will contact you and guide you through the next steps and the teachers training process.

Remember that activities should be done by the children and the teachers are the inspirers and helpers in this program.

Teacher training will begin in January 2021.

Have a good start!

Information at & 2311 286369 (Mr. Antonia Psallida)