Remote Workshops * from Eduact!

For the first time, there are Remote WORKSHOPS * for robotics and coding for children from every corner of Greece! There are circles of engineering workshops and STEAM activities by purchasing or borrowing educational equipment. Now everyone has the opportunity to acquire the skills of the 21st century, wherever they are!

python reality

What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

It is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and the problem-solving process in an exciting digital environment where the only limitation is your imagination. Through lessons based on the project method, students cultivate important 21st century skills, such as creative problem solving and digital citizenship.

The Minecraft: Education Edition program helps students prepare for the future professional environment by cultivating skills such as critical thinking. The open learning environment gives students the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative expression and problem solving.

10 years old and older

The favorite game of young and old now comes to help us learn code! From computer science to mixed reality, Minecraft: Education Edition offers endless opportunities for exploration, storytelling and digital learning.


"We owe it to our students to bring their passion into the classroom."
-Chris Aviles, Fairhaven Schools, New Jersey


The program is aimed at girls and boys aged 10 and over from all over Greece. Distance education courses in cycles of eight (8) laboratories, lasting two (2) teaching hours, once a week.

Classes start: September 2021

Do not forget the technical requirements for participation in the workshops, such as the use of a computer with Internet access. Some programs require software installation before the labs start. Detailed guidance and support is provided by the Eduact team.