Learning Opportunities

Train Your Brain

The program is an initiative of eduACT, with the support of the US Embassy that will take place in Xanthi, Veria, Athens, Corfu and Sparta. Providing its participants with a toolbox of mental and physical practices through simulations, exercises and experiential games, thereby improving communication and technical skills.

Young scientists at Aristotelis Municipality

This program has been designed for the students of Aristotelis Municipality, by the scientific team of EduACT with the support of Ελληνικός Χρυσός, giving access to high-level specialized knowledge and a unique learning experience that trains the mind and promotes analytical thinking.


EduACT with the support of US Embassy in Athens, organizes a series of 12 robotics and S.T.E.A.M. workshops at Glafki in Xanthi. Aiming equal opportunities in knowledge, this program gives the opportunity of learning in an innovative and unique way, to 45 children, using the LEGO training equipment.


Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. A programme for young individuals who want to acquire skills and to try out the education of the future.

Junior festival of Space Robotics, Research and Innovation of Municipality of Pylaia-Xiortatis on the subject of space

EduACT and the Municipality of Pylaia-Xiortatis are organizing the Junior festival of Space Robotics, Research and Innovation.

Fight for your dreams

We support children and we give learning opportunities to children with any discrimination and enable them to make their their dreams come true.