Eduact in collaboration with the Municipality of Pylaia-Chortiatis organized the Junior Space Robotics, Research and Innovation Festival.
The Junior Festival was attended by 120 children from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th grade of all local councils of the municipality. The first stage consisted of 20 groups with 6 children each of the 6 councils. Each team was trained through 8 trainings/workshops by experienced Eduact instructors.
Finally, the event took place in the Litsa Fokidis Hall of the Panorama City Hall on 13/4/2019 with the participation of all the teams. The teams presented the result of their work, enjoyed the parallel activities and were awarded for their effort. The awards were presented by the Municipulity of Pylaia-Chortiatis, Mayor Mr. Ignatios Kaitezidis, the Deputy Mayor of Employment, Social Protection, Health and Education, Mrs. Yiannoudi Eleni and the President of the City Council Mr. Michalis Geranis with the chairman of Eduact Mr. Kostas Vasileiou
The program was free of charge thanks to the support of the Municipality of Pylaia-Chortiatis.