This two year project aims to develop a package of training materials and resources at a European level. It addresses the well being of both students and staff. The target age group is the Secondary sector, and the  project  brings  together  6  partners  from  5  countries.  

The project has two strands. Firstly, it identifies the vulnerabilities faced by students and develops strategies to address them, and secondly it identifies   the   pressures   facing   school   staff   and   develops   training resources to help mitigate them. There are therefore two sets of target groups, both staff and students.

During the 2 years of project implementation the partnership will:

• use the outcomes of our research to develop a generic tool for identifying those at risk

• develop a model set of training resources and a methodology to equip teachers to identify and target vulnerable students and address their own life balance issues

• test the methodology and associated resources in schools in 5 countries

• produce an impact report incorporating a series of case studies and recommendations for school policy

The training modules will be:

Module 1: Understanding well – being

Module 2: Supporting the well – being of young people

Module 3: Professional Development for teachers and support staff

Module 4: Support for the wellbeing of school staff

Module 5: School policy

Erasmus+ project ID: 2020 – 1 – UK01 – KA201 – 078945