For the 4th consecutive year, the Educational Robotics Program is carried out by Eduact with the support of Hellas Gold.

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For the fourth school year, children and young people of the Municipality of Aristotle will attend educational robotics and social skills workshops, specially designed for the needs of the region, by Eduact’s educational team, in collaboration with Hellas Gold.

The workshops take place in the local communities of Stratoni, Neochori, Megali Panagia and Paleochori in NE Halkidiki, and the residents of the Municipality of Aristotle have warmly embraced the educational programme, which makes it highly successful.

The continuation of the programme for the fourth year confirms the practical support of Hellas Gold to the local community where it operates, offering children and young people the opportunity to develop the cognitive and social skills that will make them the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The cooperation of Ellinikos Xrysos with the renowned educational institution Eduact for the “Young Scientists in the Municipality of Aristotle” programme was awarded in 2020 at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards.

Programme 2021 – 2022

More specifically, this year, having significant experience in the field, they will also be involved in the FIRST® LEGO® LEAGUE educational robotics competition, approved by the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs (172915/2020). This programme introduces science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to children aged 4-16 through fun, exciting, hands-on learning. Participants gain real-world problem-solving experience through a guided, global robotics project, building a better future together. Students organize into teams, learn and collaborate, culminating in their efforts by participating in a local competition – an exhibition to be held in their community. The children are blazing a bright trail for their place!

Programme Theme

Adventures in the world of sustainable development, transport and innovation using educational robotics and diving into the world of social media for the young people of the Municipality of Aristotle!

The theme of the FLL 2021-2022 season explores the transport sector. Younger children, aged 4-5 years old, will build models while learning basic principles such as movement and transportation in a fun way. Children aged 6-9 will build models containing a moving part that they will be asked to program. The older age group will build and program a robot to execute commands on a specially designed track. In addition, they will be asked to carry out a research project in order to present an innovative solution to a real problem related to the transport sector. LEGO Education equipment will be used for the above workshops. 

The transport sector is directly linked to the environment and sustainable development. The aim of this year’s programme is for participants to reflect on and seek innovative solutions to everyday problems in their community related to transport, keeping in mind environmental criteria such as renewable energy, the circular economy and climate change.

Local teenagers will be actively involved in the educational process, taking on the role of coaches for the younger children’s groups. In addition, they will have the opportunity to attend the short workshop ‘Social Media – Benefits and Dangers’. In this workshop, they will be informed through theoretical and practical activities, about the correct use, but also the dangers of social media.   

The Educational Robotics workshops, S.T.E.A.M. (the Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and the Social Media – Benefits and Dangers workshop will take place in specially designed spaces, with appropriate equipment.

Especially for the period 2021-22, all necessary protective measures are taken for the safety of the participants and the educational staff against the spread of Covid-19.

A few words about Eduact

Eduact – “Action for Education”, a non-profit educational association, removes the borders of today’s formal education and introduces new educational programs, for all the children of tomorrow. Throughout its six-year tenure in the field of non-formal education and particularly with a focus on new technologies, coding and educational robotics, Eduact takes initiatives in the field of modern education by implementing practices that aim to introduce innovation in the educational process.

With a vision to create a better tomorrow through innovation and quality in education, Eduact emphasizes equal participation of all social groups in programs that shape young people with leadership characteristics and social sensitivity.

Contact details:

Eduact, 2311286369

A few words about Hellas Gold

Hellas Gold is a gold, silver, lead and zinc mining company based in Athens, Greece. Since 2003 until today it has been developing and operating responsibly, safely and under the strictest environmental conditions, the Cassandra Mines in NE Halkidiki, which consist of three mining projects.

Continuing a mining history of 25 centuries, Hellas Gold invests in the sustainable development of the Kassandra Mines, boosting economic growth and contributing to the well-being of the local community with investments exceeding $1 billion, employment of approximately 2,000 employees, active support of local suppliers and significant investments in initiatives and projects supporting the local community.

Since 2012, it has operated as a subsidiary of Eldorado Gold Corporation, a Canadian mining company with 25 years of experience in the exploration, development and operation of mines around the world.

Contact details:

Erika Xirouhaki, Director of Corporate Communications & Public Relations, 214-6870000,