Delivery of educational robotics equipment to the 4th Primary School of Oreokastro, with the kind sponsorship of the TITAN Eukarpia Factory

As part of our educational work and in collaboration with the TITAN Eukarpias Factory, we support schools in the country to continue their valuable work without any problems.  The common goal is to introduce the concepts of innovation, exploration and automation that will bring out the talents of young children and give them useful professional skills for the future. 

The 4th Primary School of Oraiokastro was visited by Eduact's President, Kostas Vasileiou, and staff of the Organization in order to deliver educational robotics equipment, courtesy of the TITAN factory in Evkarpia.

The handover event was attended by Mrs. Evangelia Boutskou, Director of Primary Education of Western Thessaloniki, Mr. Nikolas Vergidis, Plant HR Supervisor and Mr. Anastasios Selegidis, Financial and Administration Manager.

Through this sponsorship, the school acquires LEGO EDUCATION educational robotics equipment for ages 6-12, trains its staff through the LEGO EDUCATION ACADEMY TRAINING certification and starts the unique FIRST® LEGO® League knowledge journey !

Recognizing the work of the collaboration between TITAN and EDUACT, the school's PTA took the initiative to make a contact which quickly evolved into a bridge of communication and support as highlighted by the President of the PTA, Mrs. Dorothea Katsiou. 

The Director of the School, Mr. Konstantinos Kapetanios, referred to the particularities and the multifaceted needs of this school unit, whose educational work is upgraded through this sponsorship. 

We give opportunities to knowledge - We bring the Education of tomorrow to today!