Creative Mornings

The Educational and Non-Profit Association eduACT – “Action for Education”, eliminates the limits of formal education of today and introduces new educational programs for all the children of tomorrow..

Within the five-year mandate in the field of non-formal education and especially with an emphasis on new technologies, coding and educational robotics, eduACT takes initiatives in the field of modern education by implementing practices aimed at introducing innovation into the educational process. Having done our first successful steps and in order to succeed in the connection above, we decide to create a place of knowledge to enable our people to broaden our association’s actions, giving opportunities to knowledge without discrimination. EduACT Platia dedicated in October of 2018 at the end of 5 years of association’s operation and committed to becoming the hub for the next two years’ innovations. Our main purpose is to have this hub as a base and our educational programs to reach every corner of our country.

As part of its activities, eduACT implements the program “Creative Mornings”. The program operates successfully the last two years and has hosted schools from all over Greece, Erasmus programs and environmental programs. It has, also, given the opportunity to children groups who are to the limit of social exclusion to participate in the most innovative educational programs. This program focuses on school visits to familiarize children with robotics and technology through research, play and the development of autonomous robots.