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Thessaloniki, 19 March 2023


"Completion of the Panhellenic Final of the Educational Robotics Competition!"

On Saturday 18 and 19 March 2023, the Grand Final of the FIRST® LEGO® League for teams from all over Greece was held with great success in Thessaloniki. A co-organization of the Educational Organization Eduact with the Region of Central Macedonia and under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. TIF - HELEXPO was the host sponsor.

The 58 top teams that excelled from 8 qualifying rounds in Volos, Rhodes, Crete, Sparta, Athens, Xanthi, Ioannina and Thessaloniki achieved high scores in the Robot Game, presented their Innovation Projects proposing solutions for energy issues

how it is distributed, stored and used. By enlisting their SUPER POWERED creativity they find ways for an innovative and better energy future. The competition is run with the approval of the Ministry of Education and

Religious Affairs (F15/160778/D2) and under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

A total of 680 children, coaches and volunteers participated in the Panhellenic Final Competition. The best teams of the Competition will represent us at the World Organizations, Greece this year has 9 places. Among them are the World Festival 2023, FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge in Houston, USA, the FIRST® LEGO® League Western Edge Open in Long Beach California, USA, the FIRST® LEGO® League Morocco Open Invitational 2023 in Marrakech, Morocco, the FIRST® LEGO® League WPI Open Invitational in Massachusetts, USA and the FIRST® LEGO® League Asia Pacific Open Championship at Macquarie University, Sydney NSW Australia.

The National Final was attended by hundreds of visitors from all over Greece to watch the Competition. Honorary guests were also present to see the work of the teams, talk to them and award the teams. Among them were: Angelos Haristeas FLL Ambassador and Vice-Regional Head of Digital Governance, Ignatios Kitezidis, President of the Piraeus Union of Municipalities of Central Macedonia and Mayor of Pylaia Hortiatis, Athanasios Frosinis, representative of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, Efstathios Lafazanidis, General Director of the Ministry of Public Works, George Georgiadis, R&D Director, KLEEMANN Group, Kostas Nikolaou, Director of the Eukarpia Plant, TITAN, Elisavet Mendekidou, from DIOS Natural Mineral Water and Evangelia Boutskou, Director of Primary Education of Western Thessaloniki, Athanasios Koios General Director of Euromedica Kyanous Stavros Clinic and Bakatselou Stavriana Administrative Director of Euromedica General Clinic of Thessaloniki, Gelina Makradonaki on behalf of PPA. E. , Giorgos Karagiorgis from Avance, the FLL Regional Partners from the Balkans and Cyprus. And Antonis Tsapatakis FLL Ambassador and Paralympic Swimming Champion. The results of the FIRST® LEGO® League Greece 2023 - National Championship of Robotics and Innovation are as follows:

Champions Awards
1st place C3051 PanEll -
2nd place C3031 iRobot
3rd place C3004 SCRAPS TEAM

Robo Cup
1st place C3184 BOB TEAM (365)
2nd Place C3031 iRobot (360)
3rd place C3161 Northside (315)

Motivate Awards
1st place C3020 Robo_Friends
2nd Place C3087 AKETH Energy Lions
3rd place C3015 LOS JAPES

Robot Performance Awards
1st Place C3031 iRobot
2nd Place C3051 PanEll -
3rd Place C3004 SCRAPS TEAM

Coach / Mentor Awards
No ranking:
C3073 Future Workers - Anastasia Korobili
C3015 LOS JAPES - Andreas Minas
C3046 R^2 - Tasos Heideridis

Core Values Awards
1st place C3061 C’EST LA VIE
2nd Place C3053 I.Tsiamoulis
3rd place C3176 ROBOTHOOD

Breakthrough Awards
1st Position C3184 BOB TEAM
2nd Position C3007 SMARTBOTS
3rd Position C3073 Future Workers

Rising All Stars Awards
1st Place C3167 NGM Team
2nd Place C3046 R^2
3rd Place C3160 ANOSIS ENERGY

Engineering Excellence Awards
1st Place C3043 RoboWaves
2nd place C3023 RoboticAlienz
3rd place C3173 Tech Knights

Innovation Project Awards
1st Place C3045 RobotExperts
2nd Place C3022 Moving Minds
3rd Place C3049 Makerlab

Robot Design Awards
1st place C3008 NROBOGEN
2nd place C3161 Northside
3rd place C3001 The Inventors

The event is supported by the Gold Sponsors KLEEMANN, Hellenic Gold, TITAN, the Silver Sponsor Motor Oil, the Major Sponsors: Natural Mineral Water DIOS and DEDDIE, Sponsor PPA, Health Sponsor Euromedica Group, Major Sponsors: FODSA and the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Macedonia, Mobility Sponsor Avance and Scientific Partners O3 Out of Ordinary, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the International Hellenic University.

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