After three creative months, “Γλαfx” was completed on Saturday April 6th. Children, parents and eduACT crew gathered for the last time, in order to celebrate and reward the overall effort of children. In these three months, fifty children had the opportunity to be taught robotics, natural sciences and mathematics combined with music in the most entertaining way. They also visited FIRST LEGO League Xanthi, Xanthi TechLab and Paradise 90.3. In the framework of the closing party, children were given a diploma of participation, as well as souvenirs. Also, two surprises were expecting children and parents. They discovered the first one by entering the space, it was a photo exhibition from the workshops and excursions, with protagonists themselves. The second great surprise came at the end. Six lucky winners were selected, through a draw, to participate free of charge in the first session of the Sea Sun Fun S.T.E.M. & Robotics International Camp, which will take place on June 16-22 and will be hosted in the facilities of Scouras Camp in Halkidiki. Finally, on the occasion of the great response to the program, which we want to keep alive in the framework of our Educational project and to give them another unique experience of knowledge, while drawing inspiration from FIRST LEGO League Jr. Mission Moon, a challenge was given to children. They will need to create teams of six people and build a model, using LEGO


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