On Saturday, February 16, 2019, took place the seventh workshop of “Γλαfx”. In this
workshop, the children dealt with robotics. The first group built and programmed a
helicopter learning how it can help, due to its construction, in cases of extreme and
dangerous weather phenomena that can threaten human life and the environment,
using WeDo 2. The children by using a lifting device managed to save a panda in
danger and transport supplies to excluded areas. The two older groups, using EV3,
built the riley rover with an ultrasonic sensor and programmed it. Their mission was
to escape from the flaming planet they were in, and to reach Pluto safely,
successfully avoiding all the obstacles that the space robot encountered along the
way. The children for another week carried out their missions, waiting next week
with the next workshop and their visit to the First Lego League Xanthi.

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