The fourth workshop of “Γλαfx” took place on Saturday 19 of January 2019. The first
group, which is consisted of the youngest children in the workshops, dealt with the
understanding of the earthquake. The kids built and programmed a mechanism that
simulates the phenomenon of the earthquake, and tested the strengths of different
LEGO buildings at different vibration intensities. They have also been taught about
how an earthquake is caused, the Richter magnitude scale and the requirements a
building needs to endure during an earthquake. The other two groups, with the
older children, had their first contact with EVE3 kit. They were acquainted with the
parts of the equipment and built a robot which then they programmed to move
around by shaping a square. They understood the commands and how they can use
them in such a way that they give the problem the best solution, as easily as they

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