On Saturday 12 January 2019, took place the first workshop of the New Year and the
third of “Γλαfx”. The welcome after the holidays was warm and the children were
excited to learn. This particular workshop was in the framework of S.T.E.M., in order
the kids to learn about the hot air balloon, how it is constructed and how it works.
Materials such as cardboard, plastic cups, sponges, etc. were distributed to the
children, they were divided into groups and following the instructions of the trainers
and using their inexhaustible imagination, they created their own hot air balloon.
The teams that were able to complete the craft before the end of the workshop built
a robot simulating the spider’s motion into the web. At the end of the workshop, the
children left, looking forward to showing their hot air balloon to their parents and
friends and couldn’t stop taking pictures.

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