On Saturday, March 30, 2019, the twelfth and final workshop of the “Γλαfx” took place. In this workshop, the children, using the educational equipment of LEGO, WeDo 2.0, built their own sumo fighter robot. After learning the history of the sport and the special characteristics of the athletes, they were asked to represent a sumo tournament with their robots. In each group, the children were divided into 4 teams, built their robot/fighter, gave it a name and played matches with each other in order to bring out the big winner in each group. The rules were simple, each match consisted of three rounds, the winner was the robot which would be able to overturn it’s opponent in two of the three rounds or manage to dismantle the opponent’s robot and win by knockout. It was a fun workshop that pleased the children, suited to the program’s conclusion.

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