robotics camp

robotics camp

EduACT through the program Robotics for all, organizes for the third consecutive year, with the participation of Blast (build and learn art-science-technology) the international camp of research and educational robotics.


Into the green landscape and the wonderful sea of Halkidiki, children from all over the world have the chance to participate in a program which combines action with learning, and technology with entertainment. Through a series of activities, the program SEA, SUN and FUN, gives children the chance to sharpen their mind with the most creative way and practice their knowledge in English, as it is a necessity for communicating with participants from all over the world. About the trainers, children will discover the world of educational robotics from the best.

In specific, worldwide known robotics trainers, designers, mentors and children who succeded in international robotics contests are ready to sare their knowledge and their experiences.

You can come alone, or with your friends, no matter your knowledge in robotics. Because when children cooperate, they interchange ideas, and inspire one another.

sea, sun+ fun


 This summer, technology and entertainment, become our favorite destination.

For the third consecutive year, the educational organization eduACT, invites students from 6 to 17 years, to have the most creative experience of the summer, participating in the international camp of Research and educational robotics.


EduACT supports the vision of student’s better access to the technological developments. That’s why the program SEA, SUN and FUN, combines entertainment with knowledge.

Why shall I participate.

  • Children learn to act inside the team developing the feeling of responsibility.

  • Through the cooperation of children from different countries, the understanding between different civilizations is growing better.

  • Children have the chance to develop their skills in English, as their use is necessary for communicating.

  • They have the opportunity to design and program their own robots using the most developed software. As a result, robotics are no longer complicated, and they become a very interesting game.

  • They meet worldwide known professionals from the field of technology, and they can develop themselves into mentors.

  • Finally, everything above, is hosted by the facilities of the athletic camp Skouras Camps. The camp is set in Nees Fokies of Halkidiki, one of the most well known touristic destinations in Nothern Greece and it is close to Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece.

For the third consecutive year, the worldwide robotics designer, part of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Expert Panel and founder of blast (build and learn art-science-technology), Vasilis Chrysanthakopoulos, is the head-organizer of the robotics program.

We do wait everyone of you to have together the most carefree, beneficial days of the summer. Don’s miss the chance!


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