Workshops of educational robotics, creative construction, discovering research and cooperation.

For the first time, kids participate actively and design a robotics program based on their own needs. Another approach of the educational process. Let’s give children the ability to use their knowledge in a practical way. Math, Physics, planning, description, presentation, research…

We gave the floor to the children who took part in the robotics, research and innovation contest FIRST® LEGO® LEAGUE. What do they finally like in robotics and technology? How do they learn when they discover knowledge by themselves? May teaching means a lot more for children than we can imagine?

Our technique

Young trainers, familiar with technology, with the ability to approach knowledge through informal education. Hands on activities in which, educators, kids and parents, create together and unfurl their imagination.

Young trainers, educators of different specialties, teachers with experience in international educational programs, Robotics Expert’s and of course kids from…5 till… 15+ years together in a brainstorming of ideas.


Robotics, constructions with LEGO®, two dimensions designs, three dimensions constructions, use of fantasy for finding problems and creativity in order to solve them, enhancement of self-esteem, and descriptive expression. Teams which use Greek, English, Frensch, German, knowledge is everywhere. Kids pass from sketching to painting from two to three dimensions, understand the senses of space, sizes, correlation of numbers and senses of programming. In the same time they practice their social sicknesses, cooperate in small teams, learn how to present their ideas and to express in a variety of creative ways.

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